Thursday, January 7, 2010

More Travel Resolutions 2010

Up in the's a's a ?? Any guesses?

Here are some more travel resolutions you could aim for in 2010.

Relax... Maybe you are one of those vacationers who is up at the crack of dawn for a full day of activities. All well and good if you need to get somewhere early. But how about taking one day to sleep in, people watch, have a glass of wine at lunch or get a massage?

Take better photos... Learn to master some of the settings and functions on your camera this year and you will come back with photos that do justice to your travel memories.

Sample a new delicacy... Even if it's close to home, try something that you have never eaten before. Seek out the local street food cart with the longest line or ask the waiter for the house specialty.

Strike up a conversation... Make an extra effort to talk to your taxi driver, your waiter or the hotel staff. Ask about their favorites in the city or country you are visiting. You might find more interesting information and things to see than you would get from your guide book.

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