Thursday, December 17, 2009

Don't Forget to Pack...

When I asked for favorite things you always take with you, these are some of them:

slippers...especially when going to a B & B as the floors may be hardwood and a little chilly

wine glasses...if you dislike plastic cups in your room, pack a couple of Riedel O glasses

coffee a coffee addict you might like to take your own to use in a hotel coffee maker

wool as a blanket on the plane or when you need an extra layer

reading light...small battery powered lights are great in hotel rooms with poor lighting

silk travel's worth the room it takes up

fleece hoodie...except in hot weather this works on the plane & out in public; plus you can wad it up in your purse or backpack and it still looks good

iPod...great for long plane rides

a husband...(my personal favorite answer)...good for leaning on in the plane, reaching stuff out of overhead bins, watching my purse when I go to the bathroom, carrying cash, holding my hand, getting me coffee in the morning...need I go on?

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