Friday, December 11, 2009

Caffe Delle Stelle

If you are in the Walnut Creek, CA area and want authentic Italian food you must check out this restaurant. Caffe Delle Stelle is located at 1532 N. Main Street in Walnut Creek.

It's been there a while and they know how to do food. My good friend, Anna, and I had a great discussion about food and Italy with our server, Domenico. He should know...he is from Italy.

Italians don't just eat a meal. They value it for what it is...a celebration of food, wine, friends, conversation and relaxation. He likened it to "getting away from your day" for this celebration. Forget your issues and take time to celebrate.

He's right. If you've ever been to Italy or have been around Italians at meal's an experience. With all the gestures and loud voices you may think they are mad at each other. Not so...they are expressing what is important to them and allowing you to do likewise.

All the while...good food and wine complete the meal. I'll be back to Caffee Delle Stelle.

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