Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shackford's Kitchen Store

How can a destination be a kitchen store, you ask?????

Well, when it's Shackford's Kitchen Store & More...the & More says it all. Located in Napa, CA, this store is not just the plain vanilla kitchen store you find in every mall.

The window is loaded with unique ceramic kitchen stuff...from gaudy painted chickens to mostly attractive kitchen critters. Don't that those fool you.

Walk inside...through the narrow aisles...slowly so you don't miss anything. What ever you are looking for or didn't even realize you were looking will find it here. Don't see it? Ask and a knowledgeable friendly staff person will find it for you. Chances are it's located right next to some other kitchen utensil you always needed!

This in itself is a destination. It could take you hours to wander around. Happy snooping.

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