Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Zip Loc Bags

Traveling this past week to Houston, Texas I was reminded that not everyone is as savvy about airport security as I think. I often take for granted that all travelers know about Zip-loc bags, 3 ounce containers and what exactly to do with them. Not so my dear fellow travelers. On more than one occasion did the security line grind to a halt while patient and not-so patient TSA folks tried to explain the process. The concept of clear bags, little bottles stuffed in all corners of some one's purse and "yes we really do mean all containers of liquids" was explained to a passenger.

One TSA agent was astute enough to take the confused person off to the side and let the rest of the shoe-less line get through security.

So, I have decided to take extra bags with me in my purse and hand them to anyone in line that doesn't have one. Mind you, I'm not going to explain the rules...but at least they will get a bag.

Or they could just read this blog and find out what to do with their bottles of hand lotion and hair conditioner.

I have been in airports that have extra bags for passengers. Houston does not. Don't really know how they expect a passenger to find a bag once they are already in the security line, but perhaps that is not their problem.

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