Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Morro Bay, California

Morro Bay, a California coastal town, is about halfway between LA and San Francisco. Birds, sea critters and scenery make this town along the Big Sur coast a popular stop.

Pelicans congregated in bunches, armadas, fleets or whatever it is called when Pelicans get together. Fishing must have been good.

Big rolling waves tumble onto the beach all along this working fishing village.

Hard to tell in this photo...but otters were busy playing and rolling in the kelp a few yards from shore. Joining them were seals and more Pelicans.

Of course the noisy gulls were keeping an eye on everyone. Fish, Fish, Fish? Mine, Mine, Mine they screamed over and over. Pelicans would congregate...gulls would swoop in. Otters would roll and splash...gulls would be right there. Seals would dive, surface and blow air...gulls would land close. They even watched me taking their picture. Perhaps I had some food they could steal.

October 3 and 4 this year was the annual Harbor Festival in Morro Bay. If you are looking for art, food, wine, views and sunshine...make plans for next year.

This is Morro Rock, up close. Sitting in the harbor it was named by explorer Juan Rodriguez.
Take a visit to this part of California's Big Sur along Highway 1. You won't be disappointed.

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