Monday, October 12, 2009

Calcareous Winery

If you are in the Paso Robles area of California, check out this winery. Calcareous is named for the limestone type of soil found here. Grapes do well in this poor looking dirt.

Lloyd was from NW Iowa. His wine making career started in the Paso area and his daughter is now carrying on for her dad.

Inside the tasting room, everything is done first class. From orchids to wines...

And of course every winery needs animals. Calcareous has three dogs. This one doesn't believe in wasting any good sunshine.

Twisted Sister...well you just have to taste it. You won't be disappointed.

Not only is the winery, tasting room and plaque a fitting memorial to "Moose"...but the wines are first class as well. Definitely worth a trip. And most definitely worth looking for the Calcareous wines.

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