Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More of Lake County

Lavender attracts bees, small buzzing ones to fat, fluffy bumble ones. Lavender grows all over northern California and is plentiful at wineries, making for great smells as you walk towards a tasting room.

Looks like fall flowers...

Since my dad owned Studebakers for many years, we had to eat lunch in this deli in Kelseyvillle. Food was fantastic.

Know what this machine does? Better yet, who wants to operate it...bottle after bottle after bottle?

Grapes are so close to being picked here. Clear skies, limited fog, low moisture level and abundant sunshine provide an ideal climate for growing wine grapes. There can be a 50 degree differential between day and night temps in this part of Lake County.

Grapes were planted here as early as the 1870's. Then came the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and tourism declined. Vines were ripped out and pears and walnuts were planted.
In the 1960's a few vines were once again planted. From fewer than 100 acres in 1965 to 8,500 acres today...wines from Lake County win awards and even get served at the White House.

Just a peaceful pond at a winery.

If you are looking for Italian varietals...look no further than Rosa D'Oro. My personal favorite was their Aglianico. I'll go back just for that...that is when all the bottles I purchased are gone.

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