Thursday, August 27, 2009

Photos of Summer

Aliki's Produce is literally just down the street from me. This doesn't really qualify as a travel destination...

These Heirloom Tomatoes weigh in at 2 1/2 pounds each. And check out the fresh figs in the background.

Seeds for this curly leaf basil were saved several years ago by Aliki and now she has "heirloom basil". I don't know if that is what it's called...but my house now smells like an Italian trattoria.

Baskets and baskets of fresh produce...paper thin skinned garlic, smooth globe shaped onions, peppers in an artist's pallet of colors, fat green pea pods and squash in shapes and sizes that just beg to be touched fill the table.

Melons so sweet...this may not be a travel destination...but the reward is just as great when I get home.

Dinner tonight...bruschetta with fresh tomatoes, basil and garlic, figs with goat cheese, melon salad with fresh mint leaves, and pasta with grilled peppers. Who's coming?

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