Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Let's Go to the Boardwalk at Santa Cruz

Here they come...

There they go...

The Giant Dipper Roller Coaster celebrates 85 years of fun and thrills in Santa Cruz, CA. This wooden roller coaster is my personal favorite. Not only do you hear the clack, clack of the wooden track but you have quite the beginning to this ride.

Hop in a car (front is best in my opinion), listen as the attendant releases the brake, and off you go... into an immediate sharp down turn with the wind blowing in your face and then...blackness so black you can't even see who is sitting beside you as you head into a tunnel before heading up the steep slope.

How many roller coasters have a view like this from the top of the big hill? On the Giant Dipper you can see for miles over the ocean.

Thrills and a great view...it doesn't get any better than this for a roller coaster ride.

Just when you've recovered from the tunnel and are looking out over the Pacific...your view disappears from sight as you get hurdled down the big hill.

Finished with rides as the sun starts to sink a little lower in the sky?

Plop your beach chair in the sand and stay awhile for the nightly summer music on the Boardwalk. What a way to spend a summer day. It just doesn't get much better than this.

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