Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Check out these 5 Simple Rules to Get Through Airport Security Faster

We know these guys aren't going anywhere soon, but you may be...


It’s best to know the up-to-date rules for airport security and be prepared to follow them. Not sure what they are? Go to the TSA web site for some good tips.

How many times have I heard "Why can't I take my 20 oz. bottle of soda with me?" Know the rules about liquids and gels. Remember 3 oz./100 ml or less is ok...more is not, regardless of how expensive the product. Did you know pudding is considered a liquid?

But what might catch you off-guard are some simple items that are prohibited entirely: gel shoe inserts and snow globes are absolutely prohibited from carry-on luggage. Who would have guessed that?


It seems everyone wants to be a carry-on traveler. Put things that security might want to double-check in your personal item, purse or briefcase. Since it’s usually a smaller bag things are easier to find. This might include your ipod, mobile phone, anything else electronic or that has a cord, and your bag of liquids and gels.

You'll still have to take your laptop out of its case and put that into a separate bin, but if you have all your other things segregated into a single, smaller bag, it will make your life easier.

Shoes and Jackets

Flip-flops make a lot of sense at the airport security line. They're easy to take off to send though the x-ray. Best of all, you won't have to sit down to put them back on. Shoes are the big time-consuming obstacle at security for most people, so it does make some sense to wear shoes that are easy to remove and put back on.

Since jackets have to be put through the x-ray machine, it might make more sense to pack your jacket or cardigan in your carry-on bag. And if you are wearing a belt you could pack it in your bag. You can always put it back on later.


The time to keep your collection of coins, two money clips, and a bunch of keys is not in your pocket when you are getting ready to board a flight. And even though they look good, it is not the time to wear seven metal bracelets.

Simplify your experience, and that of those behind you, by taking off your watch and metal jewelry and taking your change from your pockets before you go through the security line. You could put all your metal in a zipped pocket in your carry-on and then send it through the x-ray machine. This process also makes it harder for thieves if everything is put safely away deep in your carry-on.

Keep your wallet safely in your pocket or purse. Unless you're carrying a piece of metal, it won't set off the detector.

ID and Boarding Pass

You need to show only two things to get through security at the airport…your government-issued photo ID and your boarding pass. If you don't have both of these things handy, then perhaps you should stand aside before entering the line.

Once you reach the metal detector, you only need your boarding pass. On domestic flights they no longer check your ID again at the gate at U.S. airports. Before boarding an international flight you will need your passport. Some other countries have secondary security checks at the gate, and in these places you may have to produce your ID again.


Anonymous said...

Last year I traveled from Central America to Los Angeles. I decided at LAX that I wanted to fly instead of take a train to San Diego, so I purchased a last minute ticket in cash. This together with who knows what else, led to my my boarding pass getting flagged SSSS, which means secondary security inspection. I was searched, questioned and everything I owned was opened and dusted with cotton swabs which were placed in a special machine to detect explosives, etc. Next time, I'll study up on what other things might encourage a ticket agent to flag a boarding pass!

Wendy said...

Good suggestion. We had a similar experience in London...turns out they didn't like my EMPTY water bottle.