Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Diving...part Three

After the dive

Stow all your gear away on the boat. Don’t leave your scuba gear dumped in a heap in the floor when you get back from your dive. It’s not good for the gear and it’s dangerous for you and others who might trip over it. Scuba gear is heavy and potentially dangerous if not handled and stored correctly.

Debrief with your guide and buddy. Discuss how the dive went and make notes on what you can improve next time to ensure maximum fun and safety. Keep a note of the weight you used. This can help you on your next dive to help get your weighting correct.
If you feel strange, let others know. Don’t keep it to yourself if you feel strange after a dive. Let others know. Many people feel tired out because they are simply not used to the exertion of physical exercise. If you feel anything else, tell your guide.
Don't fly until at least 24 hours after a dive. Due to the excess nitrogen in your system, it’s important not to fly until at least 24 hours after your last dive. Flying in a pressurized environment can cause decompression sickness if time is not allowed beforehand for the nitrogen to dissipate. Plan in a day off at the end of your diving for relaxing on the beach before you get on a plane.

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