Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bags, Totes, and Retired Airplane Seats

With Earth Day only a day behind us, think about these recycled fashionable totes. Then think about the weight of your suitcase you are using now.
Seattle cyclist Eli Reich decided to make stylish waterproof packs out of a material he knew well...recycled bike tire inner tubes. Check out for his haversack, selling for $98.
Remember Virgin Atlantic Airlines? A British design firm has taken coach class upholstery, stripped it, dry cleaned it and then turned it into limited edition bags. Take a look at the Lydia purse for $94 at
Vinyl exhibition banners from Barcelona are turned into chic totes by a trio of eco conscious Colombian designers. The Marbella bag at $90 can be found at
What does this have to do with traveling? Well, if each passenger carried a suitcase that was just 5 pounds lighter every aircraft in the sky would save 18,000 gallons of fuel annually. Think about it.

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