Monday, March 16, 2009

Whale Watching...or not

Whale watching along the California coast in March is popular. This past week-end found us traveling along California Highway 1 by Bodega Bay. Our goal was to watch whales as they migrate north, some with calves in tow.

The whales perhaps did not know we were there as they didn't cooperate. Or at least they didn't let us know they were there. So, we amused ourselves with other spectacular scenery as only the California coast can provide.

Nothing like a sweeping view of coastline, waves, and sand on a March day.

Water forms interesting passageways through the rocky cliffs. The surf on this one almost got me.

High Tide coming up.

After a tough day at the beach looking for whales, refreshments were in order. This magnificent Pinot Noir from Gary Farrell soothed our souls.

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