Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Jade Coast

California's coast is often called the Jade Coast. For one thing, the emerald green waters can look more like jade than emeralds. Mainly because jade has many different hues of greens, blues, and even whites...much like the coastline.

Another reason is the jade found along much of the coast. Knowing that there are several types of jade in multiple colors has brought gem hounds from all over to search for this beautiful stone. Divers have secret coves off the coast where they bring up jade. Some spots are off limits unless you're registered.

But...by Bodega Bay all you have to do is walk the beach. Small, various colors of polished jade stones get washed up here. Probably not large enough or high enough quality for gem stone collectors, jewelry makers or carvers it still is fun to come across your find of "gems".

Quite the collection...for starters. I've now been bitten by the "jade bug". Must go back to search for more...

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