Tuesday, February 24, 2009

why do YOU travel?

These bottles are ready for tasting at a winery in Napa. Just below the large bottles are small plates of food, really delicious food, ready for pairing with excellent wines.

Wine humor.

Now back to the question...Why do YOU travel? I am writing an ebook on different reasons people travel, what their mindset is concerning travel, what expectations they have or don't have about a trip or about travel, how much planning they do, different psychologies of travel (I'm not asking you to lie down on the couch and then charge you by the session)...

You get the picture. If you have any insights, email me at wvanhatten@travelsandescapes.com with your ideas, reasons, or ramblings about why YOU travel. You will get credit in the ebook and a free copy. Ya can't beat that...

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