Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Want to Take Better Sunset Photos?

My friends at Budget Travel offer some tips for taking better sunset photos. Sometimes I remember to do what they told me...other times I get so into the sunset and snapping photos, that I forget. See if these tips help you.

1. Turn off your flash, allowing the warm natural light to dominate the picture. If you can't turn it off, turn to the "night photo" setting.

2. Fill the camera frame with the sky. Point the center of the frame above the horizon line and fill the frame with as much of the color and light you want captured.

3. Try pressing the shutter button half way down to lock in the exposure and focus. When you're ready, press the shutter all the way to take the picture.

4. Be prepared. Take your camera with you. And pack an extra battery.

5. Set your own film speed. A faster speed like 400 or 800 ASA/ISO is designed to be used at sunset.

6.If using a digital camera, choose the highest resolution your camera will allow.

7. Try composing off center. Use objects to give your picture some depth.

8. Early riser? These tips will work for sunrise as well. Just don't shoot into the sun!!

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Sandy said...

Nice, sometimes I get good pics just by happen stance. I need to read my manual, can't remember how to turn off the flash. I remember I'm suppose to do that, but when I need to, can't remember how to. errrrr

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