Monday, February 16, 2009

Napa Valley Mustard Festival

Sixteen years ago some brilliant, or possibly bored, wine makers were sitting around and
decided Napa Valley needed some livening up during the "slow" season. From the end of January through the month of March vines almost look dead, it is usually the rainy season, and tourists aren't here in bunches. But the ground is carpeted with enough greens and golds of the mustard plant to make every painter and photographer drool.
"Let's have a Mustard Festival"...
And what festival would be complete without bottles, lots of them, of, bring in the great culinary artists, glorious food...entertainment, jazz and more jazz...contests and culture? Your palette will be full.
Take a weekend or a week and visit Napa during this "slow" season. While you're at it...thank the mustard plant for bringing on the Festival.

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