Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Trip To California

What was between us and our destination was ONLY Donner Pass. Now one would not think a pass of less than 8,000 feet would cause so much trouble. But...remember the Donner Party and all that? Well we didn't have to resort to any unacceptable eating habits, but it was still a challenge. It's a fairly long climb to the top. It seems even longer when it's dark, it's snowing, it's blowing, it's slippery, semis are crawling to your right side, and snow plows on your left and in front of you are flinging snow and rocks into your path.
Arriving at the summit we were greeted by two signs. One said trucks must use their lowest gears for the 40 mile descent. That's right...40 miles of winding roads going down. Did I mention it was snowing and blowing and slippery? The other sign said "chains will be required in 30 minutes".
Since the road appeared to be drivable, we kept on going. Yes, we also used low gear. I think we saw or passed two vehicles and one or two passed us. The semis had all stopped to put on chains.
Oh dear...
As we hit the valley, snow disappeared and darkness was a welcoming site. No snow or blowing here.
We made the drive from Denver through windy Wyoming and over snow covered Donner Pass in 21 hours. Were we ever glad to see the hotel in Vacaville.
Myron and Mable slept through the whole ordeal. Oh to be a cat...

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