Saturday, January 17, 2009

ABC's of Myron

I know this is supposed to be a travel blog. But every now and then Myron just can't seem to help himself and he inserts helpful wisdom. Here are his ABC's of living...

Arch your back when you makes you look thinner
Bask in every sunbeam
Catch at least 10 naps every day
Dig those claws into whatever is available
Envy no one
Fur is meant to share
Greet each day with a yawn
Hairballs are just part of living
Indulge often
Jump into a lap
Kittens are such pains
Love your staff...a.k.a. Family
Make an entrance
Nine lives are barely enough
Only the best...after all I am a cat
Purrrr loudly
Quiet please, I'm trying to nap here
Real cats rule
Scratch behind my ears, please
Thunder through the house at night chasing imaginary friends
Unleash your inner lion
Vary your hiding places
Wander nightly...even if it's just down the hall must be kidding
Yes I do need treats
Zebras might be fun to chase


J VanHatten said...
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J VanHatten said...

Not such a bad life, any cat would be jealous.