Monday, December 15, 2008

Minus how many degrees?

Howling winds blowing an inch or so of snow around make this Iowa December one I am looking forward to leaving. With temps below zero, I think we are to hit 10 today. WOW
It appears a neighborhood cat was looking for refuge on our porch in last night's storm.

More on the moving later...time to turn up the furnace, grab a blanket and Myron and read a book.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Leaving Iowa

Sunrise in December awes us with different colors each day. These I will miss.

Early snow in December chills me. These I won't miss!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Moving...a Trip or a Journey?

After over 25 years in the same house, we are moving. One could consider this a trip, but it feels more like a journey. Boxes are everywhere. Cats are supervising every move I make. After all those boxes must be inspected before, during and after loading.
Mable decided she would take a rest and keep an eye on things from a comfortable spot.
Updates will be posted as they happen. So will photos of Iowa things I will miss.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter Has Come to Iowa

Winter has arrived and this snowman is on the move. If you are traveling this Holiday Season here are some helpful tips.
Did you know you can turn to Google to learn your flight status. Type your airline name and flight number into the search bar to get the latest flight info.
TSA has begun allowing travelers to pick which security lane they want. As of November 20 every airport will have a "beginner" lane for families and travelers needing special assistance. Plus, at 48 airports, you can choose from three different lanes. There is a "expert" lane if you travel light or are familiar with TSA rules. And there is an "intermediate" lane.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Girls Getaway Guide

A few days ago I mentioned a book for travelers...especially girlfriends traveling together. Read some questions I asked during an interview with the author and take a look at this one.

1. How did you come up with the idea for these books?
During a very tough year both personally and professionally, I came to find a tremendous amount of solace in traveling with my girlfriends. I love the adventure of experiencing new cities. It is almost like a re-birth for me. I also love re-visiting cities, where you can re-visit old memories and create new ones at the same time. Before I traveled to new cities, I would always look for city-specific travel books geared towards fun-loving girls. I could not find any city guides that highlighted trendy hotels, restaurants, spas, shopping, entertainment, cultural attractions, bars, plus provided a calendar of events throughout the year and activities unique to that area.

2. What is your goal in writing these books?
To make it easy for women to get together and have fun during their getaways, so they can “Leave Their Baggage at Home.” Everyone has “baggage.” For me, I went through a divorce and lost my job, so I carried a lot of personal baggage. For some people, just their daily routine alone can wear them down and weigh on them like baggage. No matter what type of “baggage” you carry in everyday life, a fun-filled girls getaway is the perfect way to rejuvenate yourself and spend quality time with your family and friends.

3. How did you get started writing?
I have always enjoyed writing and excelled in this area in school. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, I decided to continue my education and obtain a master’s degree in Communications. I love the writing process and enjoyed my time as a PR practitioner as it gave me the opportunity to communicate my employer’s story through written materials.

4. Why "girlfriend guide books"?
I have always appreciated my family and friends and the important role they play; however, it was not until I went through what was the most difficult year of my life that I realized that my girlfriends are irreplaceable. I don’t have any sisters, so I feel as though my girlfriends are my sisters. Our getaways together provide time for us to connect on a much deeper level and truly be there for one another…through the good times and the bad.

5. Anything else you want to share?
The Girls Getaway Guide is pleased to announce The Getaway Girl’s™ second annual “12 Days ‘til Christmas” holiday promotion. In an effort to help all girls beat the holiday madness, the Girls Getaway Guide will host a countdown to the big day. Women everywhere can visit the Girls Getaway Guide online at to sign up for nearly $7,000 in fabulous giveaways, which are sure to provide welcome holiday cheer during this stressful time of year. The promotion will be held Dec. 8-23. On each of the 12 business days leading up to Christmas, a terrific Girls Getaway Guide prize, such as a resort stay, spa package and dining or shopping gift certificate, will be awarded to a lucky winner.

This interview was part of a blog tour.
Yesterday the blog tour stopped at Beverly Mahone at Boomer World ( and tomorrow it will continue at Virtual Blog Tours with Teresa

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Anyone traveling to ski country this year? If you are flying and taking your own equipment, pay attention to the baggage fees on your airline. Some charge a hefty fee for overweight bags. Pack your skis separate from boots, etc.
If you are worried that a bag might exceed the weight limit, include a duffel bag that you can pull out and fill at the check in counter.
To be safe on weight limits, number of bags, etc. check your airline's website for the most up to date information.
Happy traveling.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Girls Getaway Guide to Key West

Since this is a travel blog I find it only appropriate that I talk about a travel book. "Girls Getaway Guide to Key West" by Casey Wohl is a guide you don't want to be without.

From places to get pampered in Key West to wine tasting to her personal favorites this is a guide all of us would be happy to get this Holiday Season. Learn which boutique in Key West will spend time explaining to you and your girlfriends which are your best colors and styles. Jump start your next vacation and turn it into the best time you've ever had.

To find out more about Casey's books please visit Check out her site for a 12 days 'til Christmas contest and all sorts of other goodies.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Holiday

Let's see...What did I get in this bag?

Okay...enough shopping. I'm tired.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.
We ate plenty of great food, did our share of after Thanksgiving shopping, and saw awesome snow covered peaks in Denver. I didn't manage to get any photos of the scenery, however. I was too busy spending time with this pair.

Hokey Pokey is looking over her purrchase in the bag in the first photo.
Luna is just plain worn out from the whole day in the second one.
What a life these two lead.