Thursday, November 6, 2008

Canceled Flight? Here Some Tips

If your flight is canceled or you are bumped from a flight, Budget Travel gives us some advice and options.
Your airline is only responsible for getting you on the next departure with open seats. It pays to have your airline's 800 number on hand since that is quicker than standing in line at the counter to rebook. It doesn't hurt to ask if a competitor has open seats. Some airlines will gladly put you on a different airline.
As for compensation, you are only guaranteed something, usually a flight voucher. If you have been involuntarily bumped on a domestic flight, these rules apply: If you are on another flight within an hours, you get nothing; within 2 hours the airlines pays you the equivalent of your one way fare ($200 max); more than 2 hours later, you get 200 percent reimbursement ($400 max). Keep in mind...vouchers, not cash.

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