Thursday, September 11, 2008

Off To The Races...Again

What's the difference between horse racing at The Thoroughbred Club at Del Mar and Horsemen's Atokad Downs? After all, in both races horses run around an oval dirt track with Jockeys hugging the horse's neck as they vie for first place. Hat wearing race-goers inspect both horse and jockey from a few feet away, then hurry to place their bets. Both facilities have been entertaining race fans for years.

Similarities end shortly thereafter. Hats are different, for one thing...Fancy ones decked out with feathers and ribbons on ladies at Del Mar. Well worn Cowboy hats or ball caps on men at Atokad, with no feathers in site.

Doesn't matter...both provide an afternoon of entertainment. You don't even need to really bet to have a good time. Look at the size of the horses as they walk into the ring, see which one winks at you, check out how they react to their jockey and mark your program. Then get set to cheer on "your" horse. With any luck at all, he won't fall down, lose his jockey, and take off running and running...only to be caught riderless after 2 1/2 times around the track. Yup...that did happen.

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